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We provide the same license services for new and existing drivers as the Alaska DMV in an express format! Appointments aren't required and walk-ins are always welcome. Forget spending countless hours finding the right forms and waiting in line at the DMV. Our friendly staff is standing by to help you with all of your driver's license needs. Our wait times usually don't exceed 20 minutes and a knowledgeable expert will help you every step of the way.  We've designed our processes to be as quick and easy as possible. So skip the long times and wait times, and get back on the road sooner.

Requirements to Obtaining An Alaska License

  1. Fill out the required form(s)
  2. Provide two pieces of identification
  3. Pass a vision test
  4. Have a photo taken for your ID
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Note that Alaska IDs and licenses are not automatically Real ID compliant. If you use your license to travel by air or you will require access to a military base or federal facility after May 3, 2023, get a Real ID now.

DMV Driving Permit & License Forms

You can print and fill out your required forms before your visit, however, do not sign any forms until you are in front of an official representative. We can help you over the phone or in person if you do not know which forms you need or require assistance filling in your form.

Alaska License Required Identification

You must provide two forms of identification. All documents presented must be unaltered certified originals, certified amended originals, or true copies certified by the issuing agency. Documents must be valid and unexpired and may not be laminated. Foreign documents must have certified English translation. 

Additional Requirements Information

Driver's License Vision Test

A test is required of each driver to determine visual acuity before any license or permit is issued. This includes original, renewal, and duplicate licenses. A tele binocular device is used to check vision. If you normally wear corrective lenses, bring them with you when you apply for any type of license.

To qualify you must have, in each eye or with both eyes together, at least 20/40 vision. If you need corrective lenses in order to qualify, you must wear them while driving. If you fail to qualify because you are unable to see well, you will be denied a license or permit until you are able to qualify.

In lieu of the vision test, you may submit a certified statement from a licensed physician or optometrist stating that your vision meets or exceeds the department’s standards.

License Picture Requirements

When obtaining a photograph for your driver’s license, all hats and head coverings, sunglasses, hair, and theatrical makeup must be removed. Head coverings for religious or medical reasons may remain, but must be moved above the forehead to allow a full facial picture to be taken.

Driver's License Costs & Checking Your Status

Please check our pricing page for permit and licensing fees.

You can track the status of your license or ID using the Central Issuance Card Tracking System.

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